What If..

God allowed a series of events in your life in order to shape and mold you to be the person who he wants you to be?

Are you in a place where it seems a situation you’re dealing with has no end?  Are you in a place wondering “when are things going to get better for me?” . Are you ready to get off the hamster wheel but just don’t know how? If you answered YES to any of those questions…then “Lessons From The Journey: From The Valley To The Mountaintop” is for you.


Rising author Tracey Jackson shares very intimate stories and lessons learned from a five-year period of her life filled with ups, downs and unexpected trials. Rising to every occasion, Tracey shares the knowledge gained from each situation as well as prayers to help readers refocus and continue their own journey.


Whether you’re facing problems or a personal tragedy, Tracey points to God’s Word as the compass to getting back on track. Readers will be able to easily navigate through lessons which are sectioned into three parts: The Story, The Lesson, and The Prayer.

Written with warmth and real-life personality using titles such as “You’re Allowed One Meltdown”, “Show Up and Go Into the Wild”, and “The Process Is The Profit”, you will gain insightful take-a-ways that can easily be applied to your own life no matter which stage of the journey you’re on.

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