What If..

God allowed a series of events in your life in order to shape and mold you to be the person who he wants you to be?

Happy New Year

2015 was big. The book was published and launched, made it's debut at the Book Fair International Miami then released to major online retail outlets. While this would be mediocre to some people ( 'cause there is always someone ready to negate your efforts), this was major for me. It takes guts to pour from your heart, put your name on it and show it to the world while trying to maintain some kind of autonomy in a world where peoples lives and talents are dissected at the speed of light.

Someone asked me “Are you trying to get on Oprah?”,  to be honest, I’m not looking for any of that to happen.  If it’s God’s will and I get to be on a major platform, cool. If not, cool. My desire is that this book will encourage the discouraged and to help the helpless. I cover unrelenting single hood to job loss and unpredictable finances to name a few. If one person walks away with this book and tells me it helped them through a rough patch then I’ve accomplished my mission. And so far, hundreds of people are positively affected by this project. If you ask me what’s next, I will tell you that I desire for thousands of people to be affected and maybe even millions by this one little book.


If you bought a copy, tell a friend to buy one too. Spread the word. I don’t have a multi platform ministry replete with a staff of social media managers, promoters and a large congregation to create demand. I’m just a believer allowing God to  work in and through me to help others ( while doing my own post boosting and  other cool automated promotion stuff Facebook allows me to do).


I pray 2016 will be  a great year for “Lessons”. From hundreds of people to thousands of people. From small platforms to large ones.

This is only the beginning!!

It's Been CRAZY!!!!!! ( Massive Update)

Folks, I know it's been a while since the last update. Things have been nothing short of crazy. Let's just say, the paying gig took precedence over marketing and publicity efforts for the book. Being a self published author who works full time can be daunting at times BUT still I  (and  the book) rise. LOL. 

Atlanta Book Release Event
One word: Phenomenal!!! Big thanks to the Atlanta Professional Chapter of S.I.S.T.U.H.S. who helped with venue booking and set up. I was surrounded by friends and supporters ( plus Jamaican food..yum).  The in-climate weather did not stop the faithful who wanted to know more about the author and the book. Amidst the smell of jerk chicken and other Jamaican delicacies, I answered questions from the audience while sharing select details from the book.  I sold more than half of the books I took to Atlanta then sold some more when I got back to South Florida. What does that mean you ask?  It means that the books were sold out! Atlanta proved successful in terms furthering the message of the book.

Miami Book Fair
The Miami Book Fair is one of the largest literary events in the southeast U.S. It takes place in mid-November and is set up in a "street fair" format in the heart of downtown Miami. Rows and rows of tents adorn the inner arteries of the city space that is centered around Miami-Dade Community College's  Wolfson Campus. This event was awesome and educative. I think every author should do a large book fair to not only sell the book but to learn from other authors and see how to draw in potential readers. It's encouraging to hear the stories of self published authors out there with a message to share through their books.  I learned everyone else is going through the same thing: holding fast to the vision of the book with tight budgets. Everyone had a story of giving up their last few dollars to either buy more books or get supplies for the book fairs. I felt a sense of camaraderie amongst the other authors who gave me their business cards and shared tips. 

Then there were the  sellers of random books between one and ten bucks. I wondered if  they were selling books that could not be sold or books that people donated. Either way, I got some great titles and I expanded my collection. It just goes to show you that in this "high tech" world, people still want paperback or hardcover books ( "Lessons From The Journey" is still going digital..stay tuned). Book fairs debunk the "digital is king" theory single handedly.  Scores of people with tote bags scrawled in the logos of the event sponsors hauling stacks of books away like pirates with their treasure  after a looting session. People want to un-plug and look at plain ole' off-white paper with black letters.

Many people stopped by my table ( table displays are important...I'll share the deets in a separate post). They mostly grabbed  inspiration cards ( with my info on the back of course) and some bought books for friends. It was one of the most rewarding experiences. For me it wasn't about "me" being at the book fair but it's about the saving grace of Christ being planted in the minds of those who picked up cards and bought books.

Looks like a "win" in my book. 

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